Project developer G7 Renewable Energies development head Karen de Bruyn has spoken about the importance of organisational culture in supporting careers for women in previously male dominated sectors. “Glass ceiling’ is a phrase coined a few decades ago that remains as relevant today as when women were fighting for the right to vote,” she says. De Bruyn adds that, it refers to the “invisible” barriers women and minorities face in career growth, prohibiting advancement towards top managerial positions. Some experience it as unbreakable concrete ceilings in their careers whereas others fail to recognise it for what it is, thinking a specific challenge is normal and everyone experiences it.

“The challenges can be very real and can be experienced daily. Operating in a setting where you are more than often the only person that looks like you can be daunting and it requires a healthy level of trust in your own abilities to flourish.”

“At G7 we look at skills, excellence and enthusiasm first, everything else is secondary in our view as way too easily open for interpretation, manipulation and potential abuse, says G7 Renewable Energies director Nicolas Rolland.

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