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Oya Energy

The Oya Energy Hybrid dispatchable facility consists of solar, wind, and storage. Developed by G7 Renewable Energies and ENGIE Africa, with empowerment partners Meadows Energy and Perpetua, the 128MW Oya Energy Facility in the Karoo was awarded Preferred Bidder status in the RMIPPPP in March 2021 and reached legal close on 30 August 2023.

The facility will integrate co-located 86,4 MW wind energy, 155 MW solar Photo Voltaic arrays, and 94MW/242MWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery storage on a single site with a single hybrid plant controller. It will be located between the towns of Ceres and Sutherland, straddling the Western and Northern Cape Provinces. The Oya Energy Hybrid Facility falls within the Komsberg Renewable Energy Development Zone (REDZ), as Gazetted on 16 February 2018 (GN 114)

The facility will operate at a capacity factor of around 75% between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. when national electricity demand is highest.

The Oya Energy management system is a first in the world bespoke system utilising AI and machine learning to maximise capacity, availability, and predictability in the presence of variable solar and wind resources, the intricacies of the lithium-iron-phosphate battery energy storage system, complex connection requirements and the evolving needs of the South African electricity grid. The Project will be capable of delivering backup renewable energy power (dispatchable or on-demand) to between 240,000 and 320,000 households, contributing to reducing load-shedding. Amongst other capabilities, the Project will be able to provide ancillary services to stabilise the grid (helping stabilise voltage and frequency variations).

Oya will be one of the largest hybrid energy projects in Africa considering the technology mix, size, and price. Oya is in full support of the goals detailed in the Economic Development guidelines as presented in the RMIPPPP Request for Proposal (“RfP”).

Oya is committed to a future where South Africa will have adequate power for all, and this can only be achieved in conjunction with local communities who must benefit from the ‘just energy transition’ in the long term. Oya embraces all aspects of the Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (“RMIPPPP”), acknowledging that the programme aims to act as a key driver for continued economic development (“ED”) in communities.

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Quick facts:

Nominal Capacity 128 MW  
Technology Hybrid TBD
Annual Electricity Generation TBD  
Equivalent household consumption TBD  
Carbon Emission Reduction TBD  
Equivalent full load hours TBD  
Capacity Factor TBD  
Commercial Operation Date TBD  

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