How do you choose the right site for a Wind Farm? Atmospheric scientist Dr Kilian Hagemann, Co-founder of wind energy pioneers, G7 Renewable Energies, explains: “In South Africa we have five different climate regions, we have wind, somewhere, all the time. It is not just about choosing a windy spot. There are many factors, the strength of the prevailing wind resources, the proximity to the grid and considering any environmental impact.” At G7, our goal is develop, build, own and operate a total of 500 MW and have another 1GW of bid ready and competitive wind farms across Sub-Saharan Africa under development by December 2023. In 2007 Dr Hagemann drew up the first Mesoscale Wind Atlas of South Africa. hashtagenergy hashtagrenewableenergy hashtagclimate hashtagrenewables hashtagelectricity hashtagwindenergy