Brandvalley and Rietkloof, 2x140MW wind farm projects originally developed by G7 Renewable Energies and recently sold to Red Rocket, reached financial close on 24 February 2023 under the bid window 5 of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme ( REIPPPP) and will commence construction.

Well done to the G7 team members who worked on these projects since 2010! Brandvalley and Rietkloof Wind Energy Facilities boast the lowest wind tariffs to ever have been awarded in the REIPPPP and subsequently achieved financial close, a crown which the neighbouring Roggeveld wind farm (which was also originally developed by G7 and later sold to Red Rocket) previously held.

We are proud to see 13 years of work come to fruition, and this milestone again proves G7’s abilities to develop the most competitive wind farms on the subcontinent by optimising all siting and technical aspects.

Quite the milestone for both companies, G7 Renewable Energies, and congratulations to the Red Rocket Consortium for putting these competitive bids together and doing all the hard work between Preferred Bidder award and now bringing these projects to financial close despite the challenges associated with such low tariffs.