Testimonial - Kyler Bruno

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"The skills I developed and the knowledge I gained interning with G7 Renewable Energies exceeded my expectations. As a finance student, I knew accounting and the development of financial projections. The Clean Energy field was completely unfamiliar to me, although the energy industry has been a subject I wanted to learn about for some time before coming to G7. Following the closing of my time with G7, I am now comfortable explaining to someone, who is unacquainted with the process of developing clean energy projects, the mechanics of producing a proposal in response to a request for proposal. The G7 crew entrusted me to work effectively and efficiently. G7 permitted me to work independently, with minimal supervision, allowing me to grow substantially in the business environment. Correspondingly, if I ever had a particularly challenging task, the G7 team was always there to support me. In summation, my experience with G7 was impactful enough to influence me to pursue a career in the energy industry."

Kyler Bruno - University of Oregon - USA: (6 months in 2014)