Testimonial - Jean-Claude Baziruwiha

JCWorking at G7 was the best 6months of my working experience. The company gave me a chance to prove myself after I had been academically excluded from the engineering program at Stellenbosch University. I was on the verge of losing hope as the University had instructed me to find work in an engineering firm and work for an equivalence of 6months for me to prove to them that I can complete an engineering degree.
My first impression of G7 Renewable Energies was the prompt reply I got in response to my application.
The company took me under their wing and to me it felt like home. Working with brilliant individuals all from different cultural backgrounds yet with so much passion and drive towards their work. I looked forward to going to work each day.
The one thing I truly enjoyed was that I was treated like an ordinary qualified worker in the room as I was given a chance to contribute to the various projects, attend site visits and participate in ordinary daily activities which made my journey so much more enjoyable.
The most joyful part was that I expected to sit and design engineering tasks on the daily but the beauty was that it was beyond what I had expected as the team introduced me to programs and subjects beyond the engineering field such as “bird Scouting” , something I had never expected which really made my journey so much more enjoyable.
With all being said, the internship did not only help me become more knowledgeable, but I also got accepted to complete my final year all thanks to the brilliant team of G7 for believing in me and giving me a chance to further my career in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
Therefore, to end off I would like to say G7 became more like a family to me and it is without any doubt a place I would wish to work someday given the chance!
Thank you once again G7!
Jean-Claude Baziruwiha-Stellenbosch University – South Africa (6 Months in 2018)