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About G7

Vision & Mission

We aim to become the leader in the development and exploitation of renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa. G7 will play an active role in ensuring that 100% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy needs are met through the sustainable use of renewable energies. In fulfilling this ambition we will work to ensure long term viability through:

  • maintaining the highest standards and professionalism in all our work
  • questioning the status quo and finding new ways to achieve excellence and increase efficiency
  • creating mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperations to ensure all affected communities benefit 
  • minimising our footprint while contributing to global environmental sustainability


  • Efficiency through careful planning
  • Fairness and respect for each other
  • Honesty
  • Openness & transparency
  • Quality
  • Enthusiasm, motivation & initiative/resourcefulness
  • Dedication